AUTOFIT 1992 – 2014

1992 – establishing the company

1994 – general import of ICI Autocolor products to the Czech Republic

1994 – introducing Aquabase water-soluble system, first in the Czech market

1999 – relocating from rented premises to our own place in Brno – Slatina

2000 – changing the ICI brand to Nexa Autocolor

2006 – purchasing a land for construction

2007 – introducing the II. generation of Aquabase Plus water-soluble system, first in the Czech market, so far unbeatable by our competitors

2007 – expanding the product range by Max Meyer, Selemix and Quickline

2008 – starting the construction of new premises

2009 – relocating to the new headquarters with its own training centre

2010 – introducing ISO 9001 quality management

2012 – introducing system of environmental management in compliance with ISO 14001:2005

2013 – obtaining the Nexa Autocolor recommendation for PORSCHE Czech Republic service network

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