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Car repair coating systems


Nexa Autocolor as the leader

Nexa Autocolor is a successor in a highly successful and innovative history of ICI Autocolor, the world’s famous English ICI manufacturer (Imperial Chemical Industries). The history of the manufacturer dates back to the 1920s and includes several patents on revolutionary technologies in the car repair industry (microgel technology of Aquabase water-soluble paints, Aquadry system, Engine Bay Repair system, UV primer, Spectral Grey filler system, etc). In 1999 ICI Autocolor was taken over by PPG under portfolio of which it was rebranded into Nexa Autocolor within 4 years. Brand products are currently distributed in more than 140 countries.

Advanced technologies under Nexa Autocolor are further being developed and improved thanks to PPG powerful research and developmental background. Among the latest significant innovations there is Aquabase Plus water-soluble system which creates “a new dimension of water-soluble base”. As the name itself suggests, Aquabase Plus system is an innovation of the world’s first Aquabase water-soluble system whose name automatically became a synonym for water-soluble paints. Nexa Autocolor is a leader in innovations and implementing new materials and technologies into practice and therefore it maintains the leading position in the car repair industry.

The Auto Fit Company is an exclusive importer and distributor of Nexa Autocolor in the Czech market.

Aquabase Plus – a trusted change

Aquabase Plus is a unique and complex system of water-soluble paints which ensures high quality and flexibility, shortens process periods and provides perfect finishing coat.

Aquabase Plus is an improved successor of Nexa Autocolor Aquabase system (download a pdf presentation here).

2K HS+ – no worries about VOC legislation

2K HS+ is a system of high solid direct gloss paints which is in compliance with current legislation regarding the environment.

2K HS+ has all the advantages of UHS technologies and creates solid and long-lasting surface with perfect gloss. Thanks to easy application it is suitable for all kinds of repairs.

EHS Turbo Plus – a new dimension in coating utility vehicles

EHS Turbo Plus is an all-purpose two-pack acrylate system specially designed for coating utility vehicles.

EHS Turbo Plus provides finishing with maximum gloss and durability which is in compliance with the strictest requirements of current automobile companies and meets all the existing as well as upcoming regulations on environmental protection.


The MaxMeyer Company was established in 1985 in Milan and soon became the most significant manufacturer of paints in Italy. In the 1970s, the company started to penetrate foreign markets and it is currently represented on all continents where it has achieved a relatively large part of the global market thanks to its quality. In 1991, the brand quality was confirmed as the company became ISO 9001 certified. In 1997, the MaxMeyer Company was taken over by PPG. However, it continues to manufacture products under its original brand. Research conducted by the company flexibly reacts to strict European Union standards. Development of water-soluble components under AquaMax brand was completed in 1999. The production of UHS Premium low VOC content paints was launched in the following year.

The Auto Fit Company became an official distributor of MaxMeyer Car Refinish products in the Czech Republic in 2007. It achieved sufficient increase in market share mainly after it took after the M.M.Color Company which had represented MaxMeyer brand in the Czech Republic till 2001.


AquaMax is a very simple complex of water-soluble paints with sophisticated colour matching and wide range of applications.

UHS Duralit Extra

UHS Duralit Extra is a two-component acrylate topcoat system of bright direct gloss paints.
UHS Duralit Extra is fully in compliance with current VOC regulations.

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