Industrial coating systems


Selemix includes a range of high quality and concentrated paints and a comprehensive system of binders. A combination of these components results in a coating system which fully meets specific requirements for application, quality and price.

Besides traditional Selemix System solvent paints there is also a newly developed Selemix Aqua water-soluble system of paints in the range of Selemix industrial products.

Selemix product range

Selemix System

Selemix System is a high quality multi-mixture system of solvent paints which is suitable for any coating and surface protection in industrial as well as craft production.
Selemix System offers a wide selection of paints which are in accordance with major international standards such as RAL, Pantone, British Standards, NCS and others (download a pdf presentation here).

Selemix Aqua

  • Selemix Aqua is an innovative water-soluble system for industrial coating of all kinds of metal surfaces.
  • Selemix Aqua includes 14 basic pigment primers which offer a wide variety of coating shades.
  • Selemix Aqua offers – air-drying as well as drying in a box, 1K and 2K technologies, resin-based basic and top coating – all in one system.
  • Selemix Aqua is in accordance with legislative requirements (SED directive), it minimizes volatile component emission and enables the users to save costs related to environmental pollution fees.


Pro Mix Industry

Pro Mix Industry is a coating system including a wide range of solvent and water-soluble pigments and binders which meets all customers’ requirements and needs related to craft and industry.

Pro Mix Industry has an extensive product range ranging from alkyd resins to high solid 2K materials which provide basic as well as surface coatings in all degrees of gloss and surface structure.

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